Activities available during corona crisis

Our favorite activity providers have not been able to offer their usual classes the past weeks due to COVID-19, however, many have quickly innovated to be able to offer virtual classes and fun activities for you and your family to enjoy until we can get together again!


Little Star Fitness

2 - 7 years

YouTube Videos with exercises to do at home and outdoor sports camp starting again on May 11th! Watch the YouTube Videos here


Friends Call

Me Jim

Age 2 - 7 years

Videos with home exercises available to be replayed on your own time.

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Age 3 - 10

We’ve opened our virtual yoga studio mid March and would love to share some live-streamed practices with your whole family!


Naya Nature

Age 1.5 - 7

If you get out of the paths in the parks or forests, if you take a walk along the canals, you can make 100’s of discoveries. Every day, we share a nature activity in our Facebook group. We have also launch our #NoIndoorSeason programs with a 25% discount. Registration is open.

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Toddler Sense

13 months - 4 years

Weekly virtual classes available.

My Little Van Gogh

Age 4 - 9 years

Virtual Spring Camp available now with art activities, online classes, supply lists and more!


Little Gym

Up to age 12

Adapted class activities as necessary so that you can experience a The Little Gym class in the safety and comfort of your home. And YouTube videos to follow along with!



Up to age 4

Although we are not currently in the pool, it is possible to purchase vouchers from us.

These can be used for our swimming lessons, our swimming related products such as Happy Nappy’s, wetsuits and toys and also for our underwater photography products.

For more information email us at:


Little Lollipops

Up to age 4

Weekly virtual classes available.


Little Notes

Up to age 4

Facebook LIVE sessions including a full class and various "Bite Size" sessions to enjoy throughout the week online.



All ages

As a Dance Therapist and a Child Psychologist we would like to offer our expertise for free to support families who may having a difficult time. This can take the form of a listening ear, or focus on practical ways to deal with situations or emotions which may currently arise.

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Jacaranda Tree Montessori

Up to age 4

In these strange times while we cannot meet in person, we are taking our Montessori playgroup online! Every class we have two hours together to see our friends, read books together, make music, do a baking or craft activity, have a Montessori discussion and enjoy a guest performance each week, and end with our regular singing time.

There are some free spaces, so if you’d like to join us, email simone at: and we'll see what times are available for you.