Amity International School

Meet Mrs. Sarah Wade, the new Principal of Amity International School in Amstelveen

Originally from England, with a long history of working in education, she started her career as a PE teacher and Head of Year in the UK followed by an exciting move overseas as Head of Girl’s PE in Saudi Arabia for 6 years. Thereafter she continued her journey in the Middle East to Qatar where she gained a strong understanding of the IB curriculum during her 8 years as a Grade Co-Ordinator, Head of Year and Assistant Principal of the MYP and DP department at the school of 2000 students. 


After years in the desert, she came across a new opportunity in a new place with a very different climate – Amity International School Amsterdam located in Amstelveen, surrounded by greenery. She didn’t hesitate to continue her career in the nearby suburb of bustling Amsterdam at this very special international school. 


Amity International School Amsterdam is part of the Amity Education Group, a leading non-profit education group initially established more than twenty-five years ago, offering globally benchmarked education with over 150,000 students worldwide.


New Principal of Amity international School Amsterdam, Mrs. Sarah Wade, is embracing all aspects of living in The Netherlands: the green environment, cycling around town and even the rain, after spending many years in the Middle East.  

“Amity’s focus on path-breaking innovations in science and technology, state of the art infrastructure and record job offers have directly resulted in Amity institutes emerging among the most sought-after education destinations globally” states their website.


Amity International School Amsterdam in Amstelveen opened its doors in February 2018 and now is home to 203 students ranging from age 3 – 13, with future plans to extend the curriculum until age 18. The school has spaces available for a total of 600 students. As an International Baccalaureate (IB) PYP Candidate School, the identity and values of Amity are based on this globally recognized curriculum which challenges students to take responsibility for their own learning.


“Amity’s mission is to provide high quality, robust education and ensuring that students are prepared for the future. We are trying to give them the best opportunity to go out and make the world a better place as global citizens,” says Sarah. 


She continues: “Our school has a strong family feeling, a very tight-knit, caring nature,” she explains, emphasizing how important it is to have parents involved in the school and to make sure families feel at home in Amstelveen no matter where they are from. “We can’t educate children without having a good, strong relationship with the parents.” 

The school has encouraged the parent group called ‘Friends of Amity’ to support the school in many ways, like connecting families who have the same home languages and who can help them to immediately make connections within the school. 


“As much as possible, when people are reaching out to us, we are trying our best to find a way to help them and be a positive influence on the community,” Sarah says. She continues to explain how Amity Amsterdam helps children from all backgrounds to adjust to their new environment through integration programs such as specially dedicated EAL (English as an Additional Language) teachers for students. They focus on children who have relocated and may not have the English language skills required to fully participate in their classrooms from the start. Amity works with a blended model, allowing children to learn in their regular classroom and providing them with one-to one support for their EAL needs.  All classes at Amity are held in English, with additional language courses in Dutch & French also available within the curriculum. The school gives an immediate sense of being a very global environment as soon as you enter, with its colorful decorations, extensive libraries and noticeable amount of world maps and globes scattered throughout the modern, bright building.  


Amity Amsterdam has so many unique programs to make learning more fun for the students and make life a little bit easier for the parents. The Student Agency & Student Voice initiatives help to get students of all ages involved and shape the identity of Amity. For example, the EcoClub is facilitated by the Science Teacher and run by students who come up with plans of how to make the school more environmentally friendly. Amity Amsterdam also offers swimming programs for 4 to 10-year-old students, with weekly lessons integrated into the children’s regular schedule and providing transportation to and from the pool.

A school nurse is also on site daily, providing day-to-day support should a child get sick but also offering routine check-ups (GGD) and vaccinations right at school to make it more comfortable for the children and more convenient for the parents.  

Amity International School Amsterdam seems to have thought of every detail to make education fun and welcoming for the entire family. They even have a very special support dog, Miss Pixie, who helps children to read in the library but is always present around the school bringing a smile to everyone’s faces! 


Amity International School Amsterdam hosts opens days every few months, upcoming events include:


8 January: Early Years Open Days (ages 3-5)


13-16 January: Early Years Assessment week 

(every day between 13:30 and 14:00 for families that wish to join as per August 2020)


Or you can schedule a visit by contacting them using the details below:


+31 (0) 20 345 44 81