Dance & Gymnastics Classes

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Mini Groovers

Little Star Fitness

Age 2.5 - 4

Throughout the 45 minute class, our Mini Groovers will be introduced to dance in a fun and educational way. Each session will be filled with free dancing, games, music and endless amounts of fun. Skills such as body co-ordination and expression, musical rhythm, relation time lapse-move, balance and concentration will be developed.

Our Mini Groovers will explore the following dance styles throughout the term: Ballet, Jazz, African Dance, Latin and Freestyle Dance.


Kinder Acro

Little Star Fitness

Age 4 - 6

The children will be exploring a variety of circus skills, such as aerial silks, juggling, handstands, hula hooping and tumbling. Circus is a great way to develop the essentials of any physical activity: strength, coordination, balance and flexibility. Your child will have so much fun learning how to move in extraordinary ways, they will never want to stop!


Aerial Silks

Age 16+

Aerial Silks is a form of aerial acrobatics in which there are long fabrics hanging from the ceiling for tricks and drops. It is often used in Cirque du Soleil performances. In this class you will learn various techniques and skills from a beginner level such as climbing, inversions, and foot knots. The class will be focused on proper technique, improving strength and flexibility and gaining endurance. Believe it or not, aerial silks can be a cardio workout! 

No prior experience is necessary, just a willingness to try something new and an ability to laugh at yourself. Everyone has different sports backgrounds and learning needs. You follow your own path as the coaches guide you to meet your goals and learn new skills. Learning circus skills is a unique and fun way to get stronger and more flexible!

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Kinder Groovers

Little Star Fitness

Age 4 - 6

This class is designed to help your child expand and develop their musical and dancing skills.
During this 50 minute class our Kinder Groovers will learn specify Ballet, Jazz, Arabic and African Dance techniques in a fun and supportive environment, whilst focusing on their development of short and long term choreographies. This dance class will not only train their bodies but also enable our groovers to recall and retain their learnt knowledge in years to come. 


Allstar Acro

Little Star Fitness

Age 7 - 12

Acro Stars will be taken to the next level. Skills such as aerial silks, gymnastics rings, handstands, hula hooping and tumbling will be taught in a
developmental way, helping your child progress to new heights and gain correct technique along the way. Circus builds strength, coordination and flexibility, and inspires kids to learn, grow and gain more discipline. And all this in a fun way, so they will never want to stop developing themselves!


DaMoves Dance Classes

Age 2 - 6

Running, jumping, rolling, crawling, falling down and then ‘picking yourself up again’…. Constant movement helps children discover the world around them.

We pay attention to the different styles of dance: classical ballet, jazz- and modern dance and comedy musical, the basics of these styles recur in the classes in the most playful way.

Children learn the fundamentals of dance in their weekly class. Their minds are stirred and inspired; they are stimulated to develop physical capabilities and flourish.


Aerial Stars

Little Star Fitness

Age 7 - 12

Aerial Silks is a form of aerial acrobatics that allows one to climb and do many tricks from 2 hanging fabrics suspended from the ceiling. This aerial silks class is aimed at Aerial Stars ages 7 and up. They will learn many fun skills and techniques in order to master the silks safely and effectively. In the class the kids will gain strength, flexibility and endurance. They will also have fun creating their own routines and playing games in order to learn proper technique.

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