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Happy Thursday everyone!

As you, loyal followers, might remember: I have some driving skills issues when it comes to driving, parking and finding my way in Bigger Cities. I can now confirm that Utrecht can be added to the list that already had The Hague on it, thanks to two great meetings I had this morning, in the city center.


Which got me thinking; what was I thinking? "Ja joh, van de ene kant van Utrecht naar de andere kan niet langer duren dan tien minuten."- "Yeah, it can't take longer than ten minutes to drive from one side of Utrecht to the other side." "Nee joh, het is vast niet allemaal afgesloten."- "No, I'm sure it's not all closed for traffic." "Of eenrichtingsverkeer."- "Or only one way streets." "Jawel, natuurlijk vind ik wel een parkeerplaats in de buurt van Neude."- "Of course I will find a parking spot close to Neude." "Kom op Miriam, hier past je auto vast wel tussen."- "Come on Miriam. Your car will fit. It's not thát big." "Oh. Oeps. Sorry Leaseplan..."- "Oh. Oops. Sorry Leaseplan..."


Have a great rest of the week, everyone! :)

Happy New Year

Good morning everybody... AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I hope all is well and you all enjoyed your well deserved holidays. I have done nothing but hanging around in my unicorn onesie, reading books and watching Omroep Max. Never knew Rail Away would be so relaxing...


And now, back to work and back in the saddle! Let's start with a couple of New Year's resolutions: "Vanaf nu ga ik echt alleen maar gezond eten!" - "From now on: only healthy food and no more snacks!" "Met echt maar één glaasje wijn bij het eten!" - "And only one glass of wine during dinner!" "En iedere week echt zeker twee keer sporten!" - "And I will DEFINITELY go to the gym two times a week!" "En roken doe ik al helemaal niet meer!" - "And I will ABSOLUTELY NOT touch ANY cigarettes in 2020!"


Health and safety first, people! YOU CAN DO THIS! :)


Happy Wednesday, my dear friends & followers!


I hope you are all doing well and are enjoying the holiday season! This will be my last Learning Dutch post of 2019. But no worries: I will be back in the office on January 2nd and you can count on the first post in the week after that. It was so much fun sharing my weekly updates with you...


Which got me thinking, how can I thank you all and wish you all the best for 2020? "Super bedankt voor alles, jongens!"- "Thank you so much for everything, you guys!" "Het was me het feestje wel..."- "It was quite a ride..." "Doen jullie wel voorzichtig met het vuurwerk?"- "Please be careful with the fireworks!" "Geen dingen doen die ik ook niet zou doen!"- "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!"


"Tot volgend jaar!"- "See you all next year!

Cough Cough- Hatsjoe!!!


Sounds familiar? Now that autumn kicked in, together with wind, rain and low temperatures, the flu kicked in as well. We all know the difference between man flu and woman flu, so below you will find four sentences you can use, just choose the one that suits you best!

Woman: "Oh niets, het gaat wel over." - 'No, don't worry. It will pass."
"Ja, nee. Klopt. Beetje hoesterig." - 'Yeah, you're right. A bit coughy maybe."
"Nee joh, ben je gek. Ik heb geen hulp nodig." - "No, don't bother! I don't need any help!"
"Thee? Met honing? Nou, oké. Lekker." - "Tea? With honey? Well... Okay. If that's not too much of a hassle?"

Man: "Oh mijn god, ik sterf!"- "OH MY GOD, I AM DYING!"
"Ja klopt. Ik ben echt nog nooit zó ziek geweest."- "Yes, you are right. I have never been THIS sick."
"Ja, graag. Wil jij mij insmeren met Vaporub?" - "Oh yes, could you please rub Vaporub on me?" "Thee? Met honing? Neeheeeee... Ik wil warme chocomel!" - "Tea? With honey? NOOOOO! I NEED HOT COCO!!!"

Get well soon, everyone! :)


Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your week! One topic I have been trying to avoid (because a. I don't know enough about it, thank God our Immigration experts do and b. I am still hoping that someone will step up and turns this whole thing around) is the Brexit.

One of the things I HATE in life, are delays. Waiting. Postponing. Good thing there are some Dutch proverbs that help me deliver my message in a kind way. Use them if you want!

"Iets op de lange baan schuiven."- " Move something on the long track."
"Iemand aan het lijntje houden."- "Keep someone in suspense."

"Van uitstel komt afstel."- "Delay comes with cancellation."
"Borgen is geen kwijtschelden."- " Guaranteeing is not canceling."

So my tip for the week (and a quiz to see if you paid attention last week:

"Geef overal zo snel mogelijk een klap op!"

Have a good rest of the week! :)


Happy Thursday everyone! My loyal follower and former colleague from Crown,

Olivier Warmerdam, has been liking my Learn Dutch post from the start,

so I wanted to give him some credits by giving him the chance to choose a topic for this week.

He moved to Dubai a while ago and seems to miss the Dutch supermarket, so he would like some lines about things you here in the supermarket. U vraagt, wij draaien!

"Spaart u ook zegeltjes?"- "Do you collect stamps?"
"Bonuskaart of Airmiles?" - "Bonus card or Airmiles?"
"Wilt u extra geld opnemen?"- "Would you like to cash some extra money?"
"Een tasje kost 35 cent." - "A plastic bag costs 35 cents."

Houdoe, houdoe, houdoe! :)

Have a great rest of the week, everyone!

Feel free to share a topic you would like to be covered next week...

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