Buying a house in Amsterdam

As an International family, does it make sense to buy a house in Amsterdam?

This is something we at Amsterdam Families hear a lot…

Time to ask the experts Sezer and Robin from Mister Mortgage!

Both Robin and Sezer come from a broad, multi-cultural upbringing and met while working at ABN Amro. They both quickly realized that even though they enjoyed the financial part, they wanted to do more for their clients and started Mister Mortgage.

The biggest difference between working with a broker and going directly to a bank, is that the bank will likely try everything to sell you a loan perhaps without considering all factors, possibly leading to the purchase of a loan which might not be the best for you personally, where a mortgage broker will take additional time to get to know you, research various options and advise you on which loan would work best in your situation. This is exactly where Robin and Sezer shine. They understand the expat world, and because they solely focus on internationals, they can predict trends and have full of knowledge about the problems an international family might face, including career changes, 30% ruling, upgrading to bigger homes - to even arranging the purchase of the house before relocating!


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Through their extensive Network and because they can relate to every situation, Mister Mortgage can give anyone a tailor-made financial report and advice, while being a one stop shop for everything financial and property related.

The biggest misconceptions (even for locals) about getting a mortgage result simply from not knowing what to expect. Buying a house is such a big and important step in someone’s life and there is a lot to consider before making a decision. A mortgage broker will make sure you are fully prepared for this adventure, they can give you a detailed report on all the costs (like closing fees, transfer tax, notary costs, real estate agent) advise you on tips like: mortgage interest deduction, they will find you the loan that will benefit you the most, handle discussions with the bank for you on your behalf, and because of their reputation they will get the approval. But because situations change, they will continue to review your mortgage to see if anything in your life will affect it (unemployment, disability, job transfer, etc.) to make sure you still have the correct mortgage that fits your situation best. When working with Mister Mortgage you can rest assured that your mortgage broker will think along with you and genuinely cares about helping you make the right choice when buying your home!

So yes, even expats can buy a home…. Whether it’s short term, long term, or investing for the future. Owning a house in Amsterdam is wonderful and it will always go up in value.

Apart from the popular West and South, there are still wonderful and affordable neighborhoods between for instance Westerpark and Sloterplas. The north is also becoming more popular due to the North-South Metro line, or just taking the ferry, over which Robin says: it’s the perfect way to start and end your day, take a minute to breath in the fresh air, hear the water, while overlooking the beautiful skyline of Amsterdam… Makes you think how lucky we are to be living in such a great city!

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