Planning on moving here?


Its sounds obvious but it’s the first and most important step in moving to Amsterdam: preparation. Of course you want to check out all the fun things (the festivals, the restaurants, the museums, and the list goes on) but first and foremost, prepare yourself for the administrative aspects.

Taxes, health care, an appointment at the Gemeente. Just some examples of important administrative information you should look at. The way of doing things that you’re used to doing in your home country are most likely very different in the Netherlands.

So ask yourself questions like: Is my credit card valid? Can I use my driving licence in The Netherlands? What are the necessary documents I have to bring from home?

Why ask these questions? Because nothing is more frustrating than being totally lost during your first few weeks in a completely strange town.

Documentation & permits


Registering to live in Amsterdam typically requires official proof of identity, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and other legal documents. Please note: in some cases legally translated documents may be requested, but even for materials already in English, it is required that all original documents be officially authenticated. It is always easier and quicker to arrange authentication before moving! Non-EU/EEA citizens also require an entrance visa, residence permit and work permit.


What happens after I register with the municipality?

You’ll then be given a citizen service number, AKA a BSN (burgerservicenummer), which will be sent to your home address. Look after this – you’ll need it to get a job, open a bank account, get healthcare and benefits and allowances. If you are coming to work in Amsterdam, then you will need a BSN no matter how short your stay.

It’s also worth getting a DigiD (Digital Identification) code. This comes in the form of a username and password; it’s basically an online ID to use government services and websites, and it’s linked to your BSN. Plus, your place of work or study might ask for it, so better to come prepared!


It can be scary to organize all of this, especially when you come over with a family.

If your company’s HR can’t help you with this, we highly recommend you let a relocator help you with this.


Relocators come in many forms and shapes, we suggest you talk to a few different ones,

Get quotes, and make sure you feel that you can rely on them to take over.


We recommend: Relocation in 3 easy Packages 

Santa Fe Relocation- Specializing in Moving and Documents

Team Relocations- Specializing in Visas and bigger Business relocations

Amsterdam Family Assistance- as locals they know other ways to find homes, daycares and how to make you self sufficient in true Amsterdam style!

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Buying a house in Amsterdam: 


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