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​Experts on Daycares in Amsterdam

When it’s time to find a daycare for your child,

there are so many things to take into account

and questions to ask: How big are the groups? What’s included in the contract?

What’s your pick up policy? What’s your sickness policy? And so many more!

We at Amsterdam Families want to take it one step further:

What does Jennifer - Owner of Nannies Nursery, think is important for parents to be aware of?

Jennifer began dreaming of starting her Daycare after talking to a fellow expecting mom at a birthing group. She told Jennifer that she was working a lot of mixed hours and weekends at a hospital and there was no daycare flexible enough and because she was an expat, had no family that could help her out. This sparked the idea of a flexible, high-end daycare which is open from 07:00 till 19:00 all days in the week, and yes, also on the weekends.

Being a Mom herself, Jennifer made sure her daycare would have everything she would want as a Mom. Organic, warm lunches catered by Moekes Maaltijd, to ensure the children are introduced to a variety of foods and textures as well as to help develop the fine motor skills of the child. A high hygiene standard - this means shoes off for kids, guests and employees, but also changing of the bedlinen after every nap, and sterilizing the bottles after every feeding. All employees are mothers themselves, to make sure they are more empathetic when taking care of the children but also in giving updates to the parents.

Jennifer noticed at other daycares that if a Mom was nervous about leaving her child in the care of others, that they were not sympathetic enough about it. Of course it’s all new for the children, but it’s also a big deal for the parents, and it’s important to make sure they are not sitting at work feeling stressed out so we will go the extra mile to send them a few extra updates with pictures. “We don’t just care about the children, we care about the whole family,” says Jennifer.

Another special service comes from Jennifer being a hard working Mom herself, the option to take a ready to go organic meal home for the family, all provided by Moekes Maaltijd as well, understanding that parents don’t always have time to get groceries and cook at the end of the day.

Nannies Nurseries is a tiny piece of heaven for kids, hidden in Amsterdam Zuid next to the Court building on the Zuidas. It might be surrounded by construction (extending the Zuidas), but sitting in the garden next to the beautiful sand pit, you’ll find a green oasis amongst the high rises. There are 2 outside areas, one for the babies and one for the older kids, because Jennifer feels it’s important that kids are outside a lot, fresh air and outdoor play is a must.

Nannies Nursery offers daycare, preschool, after school care and weekend childcare.

If you would like more information please go to www.nanniesnursery.nl or call +31 20 779 61 70