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Outside Paddle Pools in Amsterdam

If you have a child under five, you will know how much they love water. For a happy toddler, all you need is a nice day and a paddling pool, then just keep an eye out, sit back, and watch the splashing and fun! In Amsterdam, there is a public paddling pool in nearly every district.

It depends on the weather, but the paddling pools are usually filled from May to September, cleaned and checked every day, and chlorinated for hygiene.

Below is a district-by-district list of public paddling pools in Amsterdam.


Cremerplein pool, J.J. Cremerplein: A paddling pool and playground on a leafy square. The pool is filled end cleaned every day when the temperature gets above 20°C, and it is reasonably sunny. In bad weather, the pool is left empty.

Gibraltar pool, Gibraltarstraat: This paddling pool on a quiet square is filled at the start of the season and stays filled for the rest of the summer. It is cleaned every day. If the temperature is 20°C or above, there is a supervisor present. There are also benches around the pool.

Paddling Pool Westerpark: The pool is filled when the temperature is 18°C or above, and it is reasonably sunny. Hugely popular with primary school kids and families lounging on the grass in warm weather, the pool is cleaned daily with a net or a pressure washer. The water is not chlorinated.


The southwest bank of the Sloterplas lake: A nice spot to hang out, and for the little ones, there is an area of water 50 cm deep. For bigger kids, there is a swimming jetty and a floating island.

The Gerbrandypark in Slotermeer: You can cool off and play under the fountain in the paddling pool, surrounded by cheerful sculptures. There is also playground equipment.

Piet Wiedijkpark paddling pool, Osdorp: A pool with stepping stones, a fountain and a playground.


Plejadenplein pool: The paddling pool is managed by the Noorderparkbad swimming baths and is checked daily. There is a pool treatment system that automatically chlorinates the water. There are public toilets.

Adelaarsweg/Noorderpark pool: When the weather is nice, the paddling pool is refilled with fresh water daily. Chlorine is added by hand, and there is often a supervisor present. There is also a wooden adventure playground and a café.


Vondelpark paddling pool: Near the Kattenlaan entrance, arriving from the Overtoom. The pool is filled from May to September and is checked and cleaned daily. Between 10.00 and 18.00, there is a supervisor present. There are also public toilets.

Beatrixpark paddling pool: Worth a visit if only for the bronze statue of a mermaid, this pool is open from May, from 9.00 to 19.00, and there is a supervisor. Next to the paddling pool, there is a playground with a large sandpit.


Paddling pool designed by architect Aldo van Eyck, Oosterpark: Includes multifunctional play equipment. There is a wide stone-tiled area around the pool where you can sit, and lights around the edge. The pool is filled until 1 October. The water is checked and chlorinated daily, and there is a public toilet.


Gaasperplas lake and Gaasperpark water play area: Near Gaasperplas metro station. The lake has a beach with a slide, which is a nice family place to sit in the sun. In the park, there is a natural adventure play pool.

Amsterdamse Bos

There are two paddling pools in the the Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest) – as well as playground equipment for small children. Both pools have a kiosk with refreshments, and there are picnic tables. There are also public toilets, including a disabled toilet and baby care facilities.

Source Amsterdam.nl

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